Changelog and Release Notes

This is a summary of new features, bug fixes and improvements that were made to GCF

May 06, 2017

  • New user interface with lots of performance improvements
  • UPI integration in Android App
  • Monthly expense trend on dashboard
  • Edit option added for Trip transactions

Sep 05, 2016

  • Custom date can now be given in trip transactions

Nov 28, 2015

  • We now support hashtag in transacation description. It makes saving and searching easier
  • Added support for USD and GBP currency symbols along with INR
  • Toatal trip expense can now be seen on Web, earlier it was only available on Android and Windows
  • Bugfix - transaction decsription was not accepting some special characters

Nov 01, 2015

  • Improvement in final balance calculation when two or more persons are involved in two or more groups. If they have to pay each other, they would see it consolidated only in the largest group they both are member of. Earlier it was spread across multiple groups depending on group transactions.

Aug 17, 2015

  • Group rename feature is now live across platforms
  • Stock can be deleted by stock owner
  • Notification for new stock item added in group
  • More reliable cloud notification system for Android app
  • Bug fix : Friend list was not appearing in alphabetical order on some devices.

Aug 07, 2015

  • Update for windows app is available on Store. You would see many enhancements in this version.

Jul 11, 2015

  • Login with Google account feature added on Andorid and Web portal
  • We have made slight change in representation of balance amount. A person having balance in green is supposed to receive that much of amount from persons having balance in red.
  • In-app notification when a transaction is flagged. Notification will only be sent to the transaction owner
  • UI modified for transaction history page on website

Jun 19, 2015

Jun 14, 2015

Jun 12, 2015

  • Release of Android App version 3.4
  • Add friend by scanning QR code when you both are on same table. You can still add friends by their email.
  • Improved display of profile pictures
  • In-app notification when a trip is shared with you

Jun 06, 2015

  • Release of Android App version 3.3
  • Added Trip Management. Now you can manage your trip expenses with friends on the fly. They all need not to have a GCF account for this.
  • We are temporarily suspending the transaction notification email.

May 11, 2015

  • Release of Android App version 3.2.4
  • Transaction attachments will be sent with notification email.
  • Increased attachment limit from 1 MB to 2 MB

Apr 17, 2015

  • Added option to Flag a transaction. Once flagged, transaction can no more be approved by others.
  • If any transaction not approved within 15 days, it will be auto-approved. Falgged transactions will not be auto-approved.
  • Added 'Login with Facebook' feature in Android app

Apr 01, 2015

  • Separate page for logging re-payments
  • Nickname will be replaced by the diplay name of contact if saved in your phone's contact book
  • Added feedback option in Android app
  • Notifications can be turned on/off from web settings
  • Date can be selected while updating stock consumption
  • Separate column to show stock owner in "Update Stock"

Mar 22, 2015

  • You can have friends here, so now its more easy to pay and get paid
  • Dynamically select friends or group while making transaction
  • Consolidated balance so that you can clear it by making minimum move
  • Profile picture
  • Stock can be updated in fraction i.e. in multiple of 0.5
  • Improved UI on transaction history page

Aug 24, 2014

  • Members can now create multiple groups
  • Bank account information can be shared among friends
  • New stock items can be added from phone app
  • Email & SMS notifications can be turned on/off

Dec 31, 2013

  • Start of GCfixer.com on web and Android Playstore