share expense with friends

don't settle debt, just find who should pay next

Perfect solution for flatmates and office colleagues


Add spending and payment to split the bill, Common will be divided equally


Your friends can approve or flag it, Approved transactions will be frozen


Red color shows person in debt, Its their turn to pay the next bill

Split Bill

You can add transaction for single friend or group of friends. Create group for easier access to roommates.


Keep adding trip transactions on the go with real and virtual users. Excel sheet is available for offline sharing.


Use Stock for maintaining bulk buy items likes eggs, noodles which your roommates consume on daily basis

Auto Sync

All your data will be automatically in sync across all platforms : Android App, Windows App and Web portal.

QR Code

Add friends instantly while you are sitting on same table. Scan QR code and its done right away.


If your friends find an incorrect transaction entry,
they can flag it to bring it to your notice.


Mention hashtags in transactions to categories them and see consolidated reports easily on dashboard


Your friends can transfer money using Virtual Payment Address (UPI) integrated with your profile.


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